Who are you?

Right now, DeepMuse has one author: Warren Stringer. Maybe there will be more, in the future. Who knows — maybe you?

How did "DeepTime" come about?

Warren Stringer had the good fortune of working for Raj Singh, who led a SRI incubated startup, called Tempo.AI. There he wrote a natural language parser and Tempo's Apple Watch app, which came out on Day 1 of the Apple Watch release. When Tempo.AI was acquired by Salesforce, Warren left to focus on the Apple Watch.

What Warren learned from Tempo became the inception point for DeepTime. He started from scratch with what was then a new programming language, called Swift.

While working on the Apple Watch, Warren became inspired by the culture and craft of bespoke watchmakers. An inspiring example is an independant one-man company, founded by Martin Pauli, called Angular Momentum. Pauli takes old Swiss movements and creates beautiful pieces of functional art.

Likewise, Warren starts with the Apple Watch as a new kind of "watch movement" around which to create functional art. In DeepMuse's case, the functional art is focused around the look and feel of personal timing and history.

Anything else?

We — hah! "we" — are working on shared experience with visuals and music. Stay tuned!

How do I reach you?

musesum at gmail dot com is a good place to start.