Where is my "data"

Your data is in your iPhone "Files" section

Follow these steps:

  • plug your iPhone into your computer
  • open Finder
  • tap on the name of your iphone in the left panel
  • tap on the "Files" section
  • drag any file onto your desktop

Your files will be copied to your desktop.

We take your privacy seriously. More details in the Privacy section.

How do I change my "weekly routines"

Currently, the Weekly Routines is a preview.

The final version will allow you to add and remove routines, as well change the color. It will be available in a future update as an in-app-purchase.

Meanwhile, you can change an existing routine. For a quick run-through, on the app:

  • slide left to the menu page
  • select: menu >> routines
  • tap on the information icon, which looks like a beaker

For the preview version, the options are rather limited. You cannot change the color or number of entries. But, you can changes the titles, begin and end time, and days of the week.

Advanced Tip: you can edit the Routine.json file in the iTunes File Sharing section. But, this is not for the faint at heart and is not supported. If you mess up, simply delete the Routine.json file, and a new demo version will be created.

The final version will allow you to change colors, add and delete items, and edit individual items. So, ultimately, you'll get to see what you real routine is really like.

Is my older Apple Watch supported?

Series 1,2,3,4,5,6 and beyond

DeepTime supports WatchOS 6 and beyond. Simply upgrade your Apple Watch Series 1 and beyond to the latest WatchOS.

Moreover, we do some tricks with animation -- using a technique called palette animation. This is an old school technique from back in the day when computers were very slow. This means that even a Series 1 watch should feel very responsive. Plus, we sip tiny minimal amounts of battery.

What's on the roadmap?

Connect your Photo Album

A natural place to record your thoughts is just after taking a picture. Think of it as a concise caption. Later, query photos based on time, location, and what you were thinking.

Are you experimenting with diet? Maybe some foods affect your mood? Take a picture of your meal and record something like "I am sitting down for lunch"

Connect with Health data

Are you Tracking sleep or glucose levels? Connect 3rd party apps to HealthKit to keep tabs.

Connect your Contacts

Never forget a face, or a moment spent with friends and family. It could be as simple as recording "here we are at Thanksgiving dinner".

This is just the beginning

What if you could build a model of yourself? What would you discover? How could that model anticipate what you want to do in the future? 

DeepTime is still in its infancy. It offers you full control over your timeline. But, because your timeline is stored in a standard JSON format, it is easy to create AI tools to surface insights.

Where could those insights lead?  Imagine:
• A Doctor or Dietician searching for food allergies
• A coach suggesting changes to your routine
• A concierge service booking tickets and travel plans
• A news service seeking out interesting ideas
• A bot may seeking out interesting products or services