How private is my data?

 We never see your timeline

We have no servers to store your data. Instead, your data is stored inside Apple's secure sandbox. DeepTime never sees your timeline and we never will.

However, we do measure usage of the app. More about that, next:

How do you measure usage?

 We only measure quantities:
  • How often you use the app
  • How often you switch pages
  • How many items on your timeline (but not titles)
  • How many bookmarks (but not titles)
  • How many Calendars & Reminders (no titles)
  • How often you use Siri shortcuts (but not the shortcut phrase)
We do not have your real world identity

We don't know who you are. Any personal info is discarded before it reaches us.

Do you know my location?

No. Never. Ever.

DeepMuse has no servers to save your location.

A future enhancement may ask you to grant access to your location. But, that data is saved locally on your device.

Should you decide that it's OK, you may opt-in to share your data with outside services.

What do you mean by Open Data?

You own your own data, which only you can see

Your data is stored locally. You can copy it, delete it, whatever you want. Nobody else has control over it, but you. That means you can share, if you want. It is your choice and only your choice.

Your data is in an Open format

Your data is in JSON format. This means that it could potentially become part of a trainable dataset.

We want to encourage a DIY culture. Where you can download tools to surface insights about your own personal behavior. Perhaps, apply that personal behavior model to predict your future. Once you have a model of your future, it is a logical step to empower that model to do your bidding ... at superhuman speed. That's the goal.

Why should I trust you?

We don't sell ads

Some companies have a business model where they provide a service for free, in exchange for a portion of your attention. The tradeoff is that you give up some control over your time. Maybe get distracted, when you really need to focus.

Our time is precious

We all have only have so many hours to spend. Less than maybe a million hours of lifetime and maybe 100,000 hours of productive work. We want to improve the quality of that time. We believe that creating tools which improve the quality of your time provides a better value proposition than selling your attention to the highest bidder.

Storing your data is a liability

By not storing your data, we don't have to worry about data breaches or legal requests to examine your files. Instead, we rely up on Apple's security sandbox, which they can better manage, than we can.

Why does it matter?

Privacy preserves your influence

Recently, an analytics company mined personal data in order to influence an election. Advances in AI are already using your personal preferences to influence how you feel about a particular product. And now they're extended the same techniques to influence how you feel about other people. Enough already.

Act in your own best interest — not someone else's

We believe that, instead of giving your data to a 3rd party, which then uses that data to influence you, that you keep your own data. And with that data, you can build personal model of your behavior, which acts according to your best interests. Not in the interests of the highest bidder.